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May 25 2015

Why we need the LED Grow Light to accelerate the growing speed of the organic plants?

May 18, 2015-America-The organically cropping is one kind of plants growing process without the using of the chemical synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, growth regulators and the genetic engineering and ionizing radiation techniques. On the contrary, this cropping follow the laws of nature and then taking the take farming, physical and biological methods to improve soil fertility and prevent the pest harm. Then, it could help to get the biosafety agricultural products. - led grow lights

In fact, the organic farming has not entirely abandoned the using of fertilizer. However, they adopt the organic fertilizer which has passed the high temperature fermentation and the raw materials are harmless. This is one kind of mineral fertilizer and bio-fertilizer. Based on the limitations of this treatment, the growth cycle of the plant must have been affected. That is why it needs the led grow lights to shorten the production cycle.

The 400 watt grow light could help to largely shorten the growth cycle of the plant because this light source is mainly composed by red and blue lighting source which are all the most sensitive plant light wavelength, The red wavelength usually use 620-630nm and 640-660nm and the blue wavelengths use 450-460nm and 460-470nm. These sources are to make plants produce optimal photosynthesis. The related experiments and practical application have shown with people the www.raysace.com could promote multiple plants growth for collateral and buds, root and stem. Then, it could help to accelerate the synthesis of synthetic carbohydrates and vitamins and then shorten the growth cycle.

In the global growing demand for organic food, the organic farming will become more and more urgent and the related demand for led grow lights will also be very hot.

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